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Seven airmen arranged in a row. Their names are listed in a caption above. On the image is annotated 'LMG. 138. F/Lt Slocombe. 427'

An Anson in the snow with two airmen standing at the port engine. It is captioned 'L to R - C. Haines Finnell, Rus, Bar [rest missing] Brantford -1942'.

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An oblique view of Brantford aerodrome captioned 'No 5 SFTS Brantford -1942'. The ground is snow covered.

A row of huts described as 'Brantford Billets'. There is a little snow on the ground with evidence of thawing.

An image taken from behind of an airman flying an aircraft. Information supplied with the collection states 'Steve Puskas flying an Anson'.
It is captioned 'Self - on cross-country Brantford - 1942'.

An oblique aerial photograph of RCAF Brantford.

A row of buildings used as billets at RCAF Brantford. The ground is covered in melting snow.
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