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He has had no mail from her. He is in good health and has just received a Red Cross parcel.

He has had no mail from her. Its been raining again. He is rehearsing for a concert party. No sport this week because of the weather.

He asks for a cigarette machine and a diary. His health is good. They are having a sports meeting plus board games, lectures and concerts.

He asks for a razor and letters via the Red Cross. He is well but its been raining a lot.

The diary starts with a letter stating that Les is missing and believed killed. In reality he had become a prisoner of war. It is subtitled 'Diary June 3rd 1941 to Nov 6th 1943 Life as a POW'

He has received 4 letters and a card. He asks for cigarettes and says he is well.

He has had six letters. He has been walking in the Dolomites and playing sports.

He has received a letter from his mother. They have been given grapes, apples and a mug of wine. There have been sports. He is well.

He tells his mother that not much has happened. He says it is warm enough to sunbathe and they hade the usual entertainments, concerts, sports, lectures, classes and debates. He is well.

He has moved camp again. He can go for long walks. He looks forward to receiving mail.
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