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Recounts childhood, joining the RAF in 1938. Originally staff duties, volunteered for aircrew. Started operational flying on 226 Squadron in September 1943 as wireless operator/air gunner on B-25 at RAF Swanton Morley. Completed 43 operations. He…

Photograph shows Basil Harrington shaking hands with an officer wearing battledress. Between them is a flight sergeant. map on wall in background. Text below reports Basil Harrington recruiting officer at Southampton hands over to Flying Officer C A…

A biography written by his daughter about her father. It describes his early years but mainly his time in the RAF.
Photo 1 is of EJ Saunders.
Photo 2 is EJ Saunders cycling on an egg and spoon race.
Photo 3 is his Mother, Francis and…

Top left - three servicemen bottom left wearing greatcoats. The one on the right is a service policemen. In the background the side of a ship with Australian flag over railing at right and people lining the deck. Captioned 'S.Ps on the gangplank'.…

Several ships docked on the far side of water in foreground. One has two funnels with cranes alongside. Captioned '"Queen Elizabeth " Southampton 30.11.46'

Wharf with buildings beyond. A band plays just to left of a boarding ramp with people gathered at the bottom and others walking on it. Captioned 'RAF Band on the wharf - Southampton'.

Side view of a single engine biplane with floats at waters edge. There is a man crouched on the port float and another turning the propeller. There is a pilot in the cockpit and another man standing on beach on the left watching. On the reverse…

County Borough of Southampton, Deanery Senior Boys School, Leaver's Record and Character form, Very good.

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…

News sheet with details of the Southampton reunion in 1987, Recco Report -stories about ex-POWs, Obituaries, members reports, KLB Club for prisoners from Buchenwald and a flight in a Blenheim.

Post card. On the left a pavilion with steps. On the right a two story building with many windows. In front a fence running left to right. Envelope 'Nellie G Smith, 60 Commercial Road, Southampton'.

Large group of servicemen some standing and others sitting on the grass all in front of University War Hospital in Southampton, Highfield Campus. Servicemen are in 'hospital blues' with most also wearing uniform caps, a few also with walking sticks.…

Congratulations on award of bar to Distinguished Service Order and request agreement for insertion of entry into the Law Society Gazette of short summary of Royal Air Force service and awards.

Joyce Donaldson pulling mechanism to launch ship while group of military and civilian personnel look on. In the background buildings on the left the bow of ship with metal arm holding bottle and wires to launch mechanism. On the reverse negative…

Joyce Donaldson looks on at ship launch mechanism surrounded by a group of civilian and military personnel. On the left the bow of a ship. In the background buildings. On the reverse negative number 208 and stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd. Additional…

Joyce Donaldson standing by launch lever while a group of civilians and military personnel look on. In the background workshops. On the reverse a stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Joyce Donaldson pulling lever to launch ship while group of civilians and military look on. On the left the bow of a ship with bottle breaking. In the background buildings. On the reverse negative number 209 and stamp for J Thornycroft Ltd,…

Bow view of a ship on slipway with several men aboard. Union Jack on bow flag pole. On the reverse negative number '211' and stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd, Southampton.

Just right of centre, Joyce Donaldson pulling a lever in a pedestal. Behind her mixed group of military and civilian personnel look on. On the left the bow of a ship. In the background workshops. Additional information about this item was kindly…

A number of business cards or message cards from Mrs N Pallister Pritchard, Mr J G Wollatt, Mr K Lawson along with others with various addresses or messages.

Includes certificate of competency, details of holder. renewals in 1935, 35, 37, 38, 39.

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Wishes David the best for 1945. Catches up with family news and a relation who has been posted to England. Enquires as to whether Ken has started his fourth tour yet and comments that he is stretching his luck. Mentions he was very kind and helpful…

London address postmarked Southampton.
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