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  • Is Part Of is exactly "Weeden, Reginald Charles. Le Havre attack"

Article including b/w photograph of damage to E-boat pens. Explains that successful result with low allied casualties at le Havre was result of good coordination between the RAF and the army. Describes elements of coordination.

Article - Allied aircraft for the loss of two planes dropped more than 10,000 tons of bombs on Le Havre. Enabled ground troops to to win port after brief attack. effect on defenders and praise for accuracy of bombing.

Reports that Londoners and people in the home counties heard the battle of Le Havre, 140 miles from London. Was particularly loud on south coast. Describes the sound of battle.

Explains might of allied air fleets unleashed for final battles of Havre, the channel ports and the Siegfried line. Bomber command Lancasters dropped over 1000 tons of bombs on Le Havre. German commander rejected surrender ultimatum.

Article includes target photograph of dock area with smoke and explanatory text - Round the area of the Bassin du Commerce at Le Havre, explains level of damage assessed.

Short article states Lancasters dropped more that 1500 tons of bombs on Havre after the Germans rejected latest surrender ultimatum. Also attacks on Emden.

Reconnaissance photograph showing cratered landscape with caption explaining that this was part of fortress area of Le Havre after the RAF's 5,000 ton daylight attack.

Briefly describes 1000 RAF Lancaster and Halifax opened assault on Havre.
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