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Bill Foskett standing on the balcony of the Udine airfield control tower.

A man standing on the balcony of the Udine-Campoformido airfield control tower. On the reverse 'The New Tower'.

View of the Campoformido airfield control tower, the Pasian di Prato bell tower is visible in the distance. On the reverse 'My Domain'.

Oblique aerial views of Udine Campoformido airfield. On the reverse ' "My Domain from the Air" while still under construction. Udine Feb 1946'.

Bill is sitting writing a letter. It is captioned 'Writing my last letter home. Campoformido Officers Mess Garden July 1946'.

Four men standing on the pavement at the side of the road in front of the 'Voisin' hangar. On the reverse 'F/O Chris Taylor F/O Stan Edwards Ft/Lt "Willy"Williams Ft/Lt Me'.

The two men are in the control tower at Udine. A second photograph has Bill and a different colleague in the tower. On the reverse 'Candid shot in the Tower. Cpl Whittaker in corner. Udine Feb 1946.'
A third photograph is Bill, alone with an Aldis…

A head and shoulders portrait of Bill. He has a Bomb Aimer brevet.
On the reverse 'To "The Old Man" With love from Son. "On Udine Tower Balcony" - My Domain Feb 1946.'

The three men are standing in the street in front of the 'Voisin hangar' at Udine-Campoformido airfield. A saloon car is visible behind them. On the reverse 'Outside Head Quarters Chris (Sigs) - Myself (F/Control) & Stan (Eng) Campoformido Udine…

Oblique aerial views of the signal square and control tower at Udine airfield. Two C-47s can be seen on the hard standing. Airfield marking reads "LIGHT AIRCRAFT".
In the background, the 'caserma avieri', the 'Voisin' hangars, the main road, and the…

A view of the new roundabout from the Udine control tower. There is a Jeep, a mobile control caravan, two small trucks - one of which is afire engine -plus two tents. On the reverse: "Flying Control Roundabout" Udine. Feb 1946.'

Three airmen standing at the balcony of the Udine control tower.
There is a second view of the tower, the Pasian di Prato bell tower is visible in the distance. On the reverse 'My Domain'.
A third photograph is of a man standing on the balcony of…

Bill and Arthur on the parking area beside their control tower. Behind are trucks, a tent and a C-47.
On the reverse ' "Strictly on Flying Control Grounds" Note our wizard "Roman" road. Campoformido. Udine. Italy. March 1946.'
There is a second…

Two photographs.
#1 Bill at his work station in the control tower with an ICAN altimeter on the table.
On the reverse 'Candid Shot'.
#2 is a duplicate. On the reverse 'Candid shot in the tower Udine Feb 1946'.

Additional information kindly…

A half length portrait of Bill on the phone. On the reverse 'In Flying Control Tower. 14/11/45 Campoformido Airfield Udine'.

Bill is sitting on a beer barrel and smoking his pipe.
On the reverse ' "On the [indecipherable]" Note Beer Barrels Campoformido Aerodrome Udine, Italy 22/11/45'.

Bill standing at the entrance to his caravan.

An airfield control tower and caravan surrounded by white painted drums.
On the reverse 'The Tower & My Caravan Udine Feb 1946'.

Two seated men with others in the background. On the reverse 'Christmas Day 1945. In the Sergeants' Mess. Campoformido Udine Italy'.
On the reverse of a second copy 'Xmas Day'.

Two men standing on top of a fire engine. On the reverse: "The Fire Officers on the Job" Udine 1946'.
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