Bicycle with an improvised explosive device left at a mountain check-point



Bicycle with an improvised explosive device left at a mountain check-point


Nino Zanninello has been stopped by two of the soldiers manning a mountain check-point. One of the soldiers is holding onto the right handlebar of a bicycle, whilst another soldier is asking him questions and taking down notes.

Caption reads “108”; signed by the author; caption reads “Novembre 1944. (2). …..Avuto notizia che al posto di blocco i nazifascisti requisiscondo le biciclette prive di permesso: Nino vi si reca per escogitare il suo piano. Giuntovi gli vengono richiesti i documenti, lui dice di averli dimenticati a casa e asserisce di andare a prenderli, e con rapida mossa preme il detonatore sotto la sella, e con fare rammaricato si avvia a piedi verso la valle, mentre la bicicletta viene prelevata e appogiata alla baracca da un Tedesco…..”

Caption translates as: “November 1944. (2) … After hearing that Nazi-Fascists manning checkpoints confiscate all bicycles ridden by civilians without papers, Nino went there to devise his plan. As he approached, they asked for his papers. He said he forgot and left them at home and that he would go back to fetch them. Meanwhile, he rapidly pushed the timer button under the seat. Then, looking dispirited, he headed back towards the valley on foot. The German soldier collected the bicycle and placed it on one side of the hut…”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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Angiolino Filiputti, “Bicycle with an improvised explosive device left at a mountain check-point,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 16, 2024,

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