Laconia incident. Part 9



Laconia incident. Part 9


On a clear day, a four engined United States Army Air Force aircraft attacks the submarine U-156. Bullets are raining down on the figures on the deck of the submarine. Some of the figures are diving into the water, others are running for cover and some have been shot and are falling down.

Label reads “72”, signed by the author; caption reads “(9) …Mentre il sommergibile navigava a fior di acqua, avvistò un aereo Americano in missione, passarono alcuni minuti, poi un boato seguito da un’ altro scosse il sommergibile, lo fece sussultare, gemere, inclinare, le bombe di profondita avevano colpito i periscopi e danneggiato gli accumulatori. Ci fecero salire in coperta e trasbordare su l’U506 perche l’U156 dovova rapidamente allontanarsi per le avarie riportate. L’aereo che ci aveva bombardato, era un quadrimotore Americano, trasbordammo ancora sull’Annamite, poi a Dakar fu la salvezza. (dal racconto di BB.) FINE

Caption translates as: “(9)… As the submarine navigated just above water, the crew spotted an American aircraft on patrol. A few minutes went by and they heard a rumble, soon followed by another one which shook the submarine. It trembled, groaned, and listed. The depth charges hit the periscopes and damaged the batteries. They made us climb on the deck and were transshipped onto the U506, because the U156 had to swiftly sail away because of damage. The aircraft that bombed us was an American four-engine plane. We transshipped again on the ‘Annamite’. We reached safety in Dakar (From the account of BB.) The End.”

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