Partisans attack a mountain check point



Partisans attack a mountain check point


A group of partisans under cover behind rocks in the mountains are firing on a check-point. The figures below have been taken by surprise and are running around holding guns in the air. Two of the four partisans behind the rocks are firing with rifles and the one on the left is about to throw a hand grenade.

Pasted caption reads “Novembre 1944. (3) ….segundo i piani prestabiliti i partigiani attaccano in posizione altistante il posto di blocco costringendo il presidio a rintanarsi nella baracca portandovi seco anche la bicicletta sequestrata….”

Caption translates as: “November 1944. (3) … Executing prearranged plans, the partisans attack the check-point from above, forcing the garrison to hide into the hut, taking with them the previously confiscated bicycle…”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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