Royal Air Force ex-Prisoner of War Association


Royal Air Force ex-Prisoner of War Association


97 items. The collection concerns Royal Air Force ex-Prisoner of War Association and contains items including drawings by the artist Ley Kenyon.

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RAF ex POW As Collection

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"Boil you ----- Boil"
A cartoon of a prisoner with a forced air camp stove for boiling water. It is dated Oct 17 1944. It is drawn on a prisoner of war postcard.

Record of Loss of Halifax W7884
A record of the loss of a Halifax. It lists the crew and their fate - five became prisoners of war and returned safely to the UK but Cyril John
Pope (1578663) and Theodore Ian Mardon Edwards (R/97583) were killed. Their burial details are recorded.

Extract from 102 Squadron Operational Log
An extract with details of a Halifax, W7677 "O" operation on Mannheim.

Gresse Church Chronicle Extract
The pastor describes the burial of prisoners and guards who were shot by low flying RAF aircraft. The pastor officiated at the burial with an English padre.
In the second part he describes damage to the cemetery during a bombardment from the other…

Settlement of Clothing and Kit Costs Letter
The letter claims the sum of £1 11/1 for clothing received whilst a prisoner of war. This sum is to offset the airman's claim for loss of kit.

Charlie Warner and Crew
Five airmen - back row - Stan Woods, Charlie, Ken Wallace. In front Dennis Schofield and Horace Watkiss.

Charlie Warner's obituary
A newspaper cutting with news of Charlie Warner's death.

Letter to Dorothy Wilkinson from Donald Flett
A letter and transcript to Charlie Warner's sister from Donald Flett. Donald was the sole survivor of the Lancaster crash.

Letter to Charlie Warner's Mother
The letter is from the Chaplain at Charlie's airfield. He expresses sadness and hope.

Letter to Charlie Warner's Mother
The letter informs her that her son is missing.

Sergeant Charlie Warner
Charlie, in uniform, standing in a garden with a dog. It is captioned July 1943.

Charlie Warner
A brief biography of Sergeant Charlie Warner (1801861 Royal Air Force)

List of Prisoners Executed after the Mass Escape
Two typed sheets with handwritten annotations listing the escapees.

Telegrams Referring to the mass escape
Two telegrams with details of the escape from Stalag Luft III.

Pilot Officer Scheidhauer - The Forced Landing and "The Great Escape"
A memoir of Bernard Scheidauer who was shot down over France but crashed on Jersey. He was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 3 and was involved in the tunnels used during The Great Escape.

Tom May
A head and shoulders portrait of a prisoner of war in a greatcoat. Behind is a wooden hut with barbed wire. On the front, at the top and bottom the word 'Cut' is annotated. On the reverse are several handwritten annotations - 'Tom May'
- 'No flight…

Crashed Aircraft in a Lake
A wing and undercarriage section in a lake. On the reverse 'The oleo leg - of stainless steel was still as new [indecipherable]'

The first RAF officers taken prisoner
A group of 13 POWs arranged in three rows. Behind is a timber frame building. On the reverse is 'This photo was taken in Dec '39 at Oflag IX Spangenburg. It is a photo of all the RAF officers taken by the Germans up to then + 1 Fleet Air Arm officer.…

Two Men
Two men seated at a desk. On the reverse 'Oxford 1946 with Eddie Alderton'.

Four Airmen
A pilot, observer and two airmen standing by a wooden fence. On the reverse '11.9.40 Office'.

Sports Day at Luft 3
A table with prizes and three airmen. On the reverse 'Sports Day at Luft 3.' , ' No Flight 7 [circled]' and '1:1'.

Cast of a play
Three airmen and two men dressed as women on stage

Handcart and Three Germans
A small enclosed handcart with a lid. Standing beside it are three German airmen. On the reverse 'Eric Foster & Joe Barker escaped from the Schloss Spangenberg in this in 1941'.

Three prisoners of war
Three airmen standing in front of a wooden hut. One is a pilot.

Crashed Aircraft
A crashed aircraft still burning after the accident.
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