The first RAF officers taken prisoner



The first RAF officers taken prisoner
13 Prisoners of War


A group of 13 POWs arranged in three rows. Behind is a timber frame building. On the reverse is 'This photo was taken in Dec '39 at Oflag IX Spangenburg. It is a photo of all the RAF officers taken by the Germans up to then + 1 Fleet Air Arm officer. Thee photo includes W/Cmdr Day, Sq/Ldr Murray & Pilot Officer Edwards ( a New Zealander, who was in fact the 1st RAF Officer POW - taken prisoner on Sept 5th '39. He was POW No 3. The photo also includes F/O Casey who was one of the 50 officers shot, after the famous escape from Stalag Luft 3 at Sagan. 5 officers from this Group, including W/Cmdr Day, opened Dulag Luft in mid December 1939.' and 'Return to Cal Younger Esq, 24 West Lodge Ave London W3 9SF 3/4/78'.



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