Nicholls, Jill Ethel Kathleen


Nicholls, Jill Ethel Kathleen
J E K Nicholls
Thomson, Jill Ethel Kathleen
Goodfellow, Jill Ethel Kathleen


57 items. The collection concerns Jill Nicholls (b. 1921, 2011088 Royal Air Force). The collection contains documents, photographs, mementos and a considerable number of poems. It also contains an album in a sub-collection with documents, newspaper cuttings and photographs.

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Nicholls, JEK

Collection Items

Corporal ranks badges
Two corporal rank badges

Leading aircraftwoman badge
Single propeller

Observers brevet
Half brevet with O

Air gunners brevet
Half brevet with AG

Jill Nicholls
Head and shoulders portrait of a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force wearing tunic and hat.

A prayer
Poem, prayer to those who fly.

And every time that you see a plane
Poem about operations and missing airmen.

Lost! afar in distant lands
Describes loss, the grief of survivors and hope for future redemption.

Poem about men killed in action

Poem about young man killed.

To Gordon
Love poem about a romantic date with a young man.

Poem lamenting death

To a mother
Poem concerning mothers of flyers.

Reporting list
List of items to be brought by ACW2 Nicholls on reporting for draft to reception depot.

Certificate of enrolment
ACW2 Nicholls JE, No 2011088 on 19 June 1942. Stamped 8 June 1942

Diss Service Men's and Women's Home Coming Fund
Townspeople of Diss ask acceptance of enclosed cheque in appreciation of service.

Memories of RAF Elvington
Posted to motor transport section of 77 Squadron at RAF Elvington in November 1942. Writes of duties, location and social activities. Mentions commanders and feeling part of the squadron. Posted to RAF Sandtoft in 1944. Gives dates of service June…

Three red cross buttons
Black buttons with red cross shield

Red cross button
Black metal button with red cross shield

Set of identity disks
Two identity 'dog tags' orange and green. Orange has name Nicholls WAAF 2011688. Green unreadable.

Royal Artillery cap badge
Canon with motto and crown above and words below

RAF cap badge
Gold wreath and crown surrounding RAF

World War 1 Victory Medal ribbon
Purple, blue, green, yellow, red striped ribbon with oakleaf.

War Medal 1939-1945
Blue red and white striped ribbon with oakleaf. Head of king one side and lion on reverse.

Defence Medal
Green/orange black striped ribbon. Head of King on front, Royal arms on rear.
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