And every time that you see a plane



And every time that you see a plane


Poem about operations and missing airmen.



One page handwritten document


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And every time that you see a plane,
Does your soul feel scorched with a fiery flame.
Do you curse the war & curse the sin,
That wrecked the world & took away Him.
Sometimes I pause & wonder why,
God took him away from me far in the sky,
At times I forget that he died to save me.
Died like a hero to keep Britain free.
Sadness & sorrow is stamped on my brow,
My face has changed so he wouldn’t know,
The girl he once loved, I’m glad he can’t see
The wreck that is left where his dream girl should be.
But darling your memory will ever remain,
Within my heart, never again I’ll blame,
The fate that claimed you the day you flew,
The fate that sawed our lives in two


“And every time that you see a plane,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 21, 2024,

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