To a mother



To a mother


Poem concerning mothers of flyers.




One page typewritten document


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To a mother. [inserted] X [/inserted]
Be not dismayed by what you have heard.
His life was freeer [sic] than a bird.
As through the sun drenched sky he flew,
Winging his way through a sphere of blue
He deemed it no disgrace to die,
Just dipped his wings and passed us by.
Be not afraid youll [sic] never know,
How much he loved his mother, you
Who with your eyes and heart only for him
Guided him, kept him free from all sin.
Rejoice sweet lady for only a few,
Are granted the honour of joining their Crew.
He loved the thing that was his task,
His sweet face didnt [sic] need a mask
To hide the happiness he felt
As his plane gathered speed on the grey asphalt.
And we who were standing there, watching him go,
Felt prouder in heart than youll [sic] ever know.
To us he symbolized all that is brave
His personality swept like a wave
Sweeping the sorrows of life far away
Refreshing and pure as a clear summers day.
So dry all your tears, and rejoice in the thought
Twas freedom for you and not glory he sought.


J E K Nicholls, “To a mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2021,

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