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Allen, Jim
J H Allen


18 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant James Henry Allen DFC (b. 1923, 179996 Royal Air Force). He flew a tour of operations as a pilot with 578 Squadron. The collection consists of a number of memoirs, photographs and a diary. It includes descriptions of military life and operations and his post-war life and work.

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Allen, JH

Collection Items

Jim Allen's 1944 Diary
A diary recording events during 1944. Includes detailed notes on operations, military life, the weather etc.

Jim Allen's Decorations
Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, War Medal 1939-1945 and (1967) Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Coronation Medal. Bomber Command Clasp.

Name plate for Flight Lieutenant J H Allen while seconded to the Royal…

Passing over
Poem describing the hardship of wartime service, stressing the emotional strain of operations and the longing for rest.

Jim Allen’s Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book
Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for J H Allen, covering the period from 2 December 1942 to 14 January 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post war squadron duties. He was stationed at, RCAF…

The Miracle of Askham Bryan
The story of a complete engine failure in Wellington LN 487 over York at 15,000ft at night. The aircraft was over York and crash-landed safely. The rear-gunner had been knocked unconscious but was unhurt, as were the rest of the crew.

Memories of 578 Squadron at Burn 1944
A document written by Jim Allen's navigator. He describes his early training and difficulties when navigating in the UK, Jim Allen's skills, his own behaviour on the aircraft, flying under a bomber shortly before the target, his relief at surviving…

Six chapters of wartime memories
A Short Personal View of a Bit of History (interview with Jim Allen)
'Based at Burn' Introduction by Jim Allen
One More Chalked Up
A Trip to Remember
Sabotage on 578 Squadron at Burn by Joe Dudley
Memories of 578 Squadron at Burn 1944 by Joe…

A roofscape view of Auckland with offices and buildings, behind is the coast. On the reverse 'Auckland NZ 1946'.

Avro York accident
Close up of the collapsed starboard undercarriage of an Avro York, in the snow. On the reverse 'Ottawa 1946'.

Avro York accident
Front view of an Avro York with starboard undercarriage collapsed in the snow. On the reverse 'Me in flat cap extreme right of photo Ottawa 1946 MW102 Prime Minister's a/c Passenger: J Strachey Minister of Food'.

24 airmen
A group of airmen arranged in two rows in front of a Halifax.

Seven aircrew
Seven airmen standing under the front of a Halifax. On the reverse 'W/O DEGRYCE'.

We're On Tonight
A description of what happened before and during and operation. The battle order was posted, the crew checked over their aircraft, the bomb load was planned, the crew received their briefing, dinner was eaten (bacon and eggs), they dressed,…

Certificate referring to Jim Allen
A certificate written in Farsi by the Shah of Iran

The Awful End of Astro
An explanation of the end of astro-navigation on board bomber aircraft in addition to GEE navigation. Navigators were required to carry sextants and take three astro readings every hour. One night the wrong astro-projector settings were supplied and…

A Love Story by Grandad
An account of Jim Allen's life from 1941 to 1997. He details meeting his future wife and their intermittent courtship. There is great detail about his social life and relationship with his future wife. There are two pages of photographs:
First page:…

Elizabethan News
A newspaper issued on board the RMS Queen Elizabeth. On an envelope is handwritten 'Elizabethan News Nov 11/12 1942 Issued daily on RMS Queen Elizabeth 1942'. There is a coloured drawing of the ship and two pages of news.

After the War was Over
Jim Allen's experiences after the end of the war. He married in 1944 and had three children. His first job was as a bus conductor, then an insurance agent but he was unhappy so rejoined the RAF. He trained as a Fighter Controller and was posted to…
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