RAF bomb Nazi research HQ



RAF bomb Nazi research HQ


Account of operation on Peenemunde research and development establishment. Mentions diversion attacks and Mosquito operation against Berlin. Forty one bombers and one fighter missing. Was a precision attack. 1200 mile journey.

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[inserted] STAR AUG 18/1943 [/inserted]


Big Raid: 41 Missing

Aircraft of Bomber Command last night made a heavy attack in bright moonlight on the research and development establishment at Peenemunde, 60 miles north-west of Stettin, stated an Air Ministry communique this afternoon.

It added: “The establishment is the largest and most important of its kind in Germany. First reports indicate that aircraft were encountered along the route. Several of these were destroyed.

“Mosquitoes bombed objective in Berlin.

“Fighter Command Intruders carried our many attacks on airfields and railway targets in France, the low countries and North-West Germany. Four enemy aircraft were destroyed.

“Forty-one bombers and one fighter are missing”

PRECISION ATTACKS The attack on Peenemunde was made under conditions approximating daylight, and should be considered in conjunction with the United Stated attacked on Schweinfurt and Regensburg.

All were precision attacks on special objectives of outstanding importance in the air war.

The Peenemunde is on the Baltic coast, in the Bay of Pomerania, and had not been attacked before.

Distance there and back is about 1,200 miles, some 100 miles farther that the double journey which a raid on Berlin entails.

Swiss radio said that warnings were sounded on the districts of Como and Milan but no bombs were dropped.

The Italian communique stated that a formation of four-engined bombers lost three aircraft over Northern Italy.


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