Letter to his sister from Ellis Edwards



Letter to his sister from Ellis Edwards


Thanks for parcel and comments on how slow the post is. Describes activities at Royal Air Force Lakenheath including a concert, a play and a dance. Thinks that he may get to see sister in a months time. Comments huge funeral in Wales.


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One envelope and three handwritten pages


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Mrs. Moreton
2 John Street
[underlined] Wrexham [/underlined]

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Sgts Mess

Dear Maggie

Thanks very much for the very nice parcel received safely but very late. You posted it about the 10th and I only got it last Saturday I had not noticed my name on the registered mail list so had not collected it You certainly intend me to look clean don’t you? especially about the [deleted] please [/deleted] face. Well Maggie news here is very scarce, as you can guess there

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is so much about here that I cannot write about. This last week we have had a concert in camp on Monday a Dance which I could not go to on Tuesday & on Wednesday a play by G.B.S and on Saturday a dance in the mess so last week was very busy. Apart from these things life still goes on here in a very quiet way nothing much apart from work You say you are busy well so am I and what you make I use now so it keeps us both busy

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May be home to see you in another month or so but will let you know later about it. What a huge funeral the Bwlch-Y-Rhiw people had all Wales was there I should think. By the way what kind of aircraft was it that crashed there must have been a big one to carry a crew of 7

Well Maggie I must finish off now. Thanking you once again for the useful parcel

Best wishes & love to Dad & yourself

Your loving brother




Ellis Edwards, “Letter to his sister from Ellis Edwards,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/982.

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