Dawson Field



Dawson Field


Top left - large group of men gathered round field kitchen with lorry in the background. Captioned 'Breakfast queue Dawson Field'. Top centre - four men standing round a trestle table preparing food with lorry in the background. Captioned '"Bert" & "Paddy" preparing bread pudding'. Top right - three airman in various poses behind a lorry with tents in the background. Captioned '"Gilly", Arthur, & Kingstone on fatigues'. Bottom left - a person in Arab dress holding a child. In the background a Bedouin tent. Captioned 'A wog and his abode in the desert'. Bottom centre - a group of men standing in a field kitchen surrounded by boxes. Captioned 'Cookhouse Dawson Field'. Bottom right a person in Arab dress standing in open ground with low hill in background' Captioned 'One of the many.'.

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Six b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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“Dawson Field,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 27, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/9596.

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