RAF Ramat David



RAF Ramat David


Top left - a group of six airmen in tropical uniform on the front of a small lorry. There is a white Nissen hut in the background. Captioned ‘Arthur, Len, Gilly, Ken, Bob & Vic Ramat David 1946’. Top right - section of a wooden propeller with inscription ‘I[..] MS-Fred-Ken, Vic …GZ.A +32+Sqdn, Ed. + Ramat David, Bob + Art, Den, Crashed + 29/6/44, Ken, on take off’. Captioned ‘Our Emblem’. Centre - group of thirteen men, one row sitting the other standing. The men are in a mixture of uniform and cricketing whites. Captioned ’32 sqdn cricket team Ramat David 1946’. Bottom left - in the distance a group of white buildings. In the foreground is overgrown grass, amongst the buildings is a large antenna and behind low hills. Captioned ‘North Camp Ramat David’. Bottom right - air-to-air view of four Spitfires arranged in line. Codes are M-GZ, A-GZ, Y-GZ, R-GZ. They are flying over barren hills.



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Five b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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