Details of attack on Cologne



Details of attack on Cologne


Details of attack on Cologne sent by Arthur Bank, brother-in-law to Keith Dexter's mother. Details number of aircraft involved and some details of attack and weather. Arthur Bank was the Intelligence Officer at RAF Foulsham. One Ju-88 claimed probably destroyed an 14 of own aircraft failed to return. At the bottom note on Squadron Leader Arthur Banks.




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[underlined] Cologne [/underlined]
212 A/C were despatched.
The force comprised 156 Lancasters and 10 Halifax and 46 Lancs of 8 PFF Group.
164 A/C report having attacked.
Weather over the Target was generally reported as being 7/10 to 10/10 cloud up to 11,000 ft and nimbus up to 20,000 ft. visibility being good above cloud with bright moonlight.
Defences were moderate and fighter activity was on a limited scale. 1 JU88 is claimed as probably destroyed by a Lancaster of 5 Group.
14 of our A/C are missing.
[insert] Note from Sqn Ldr. Arthur Banks (brother in law) Intelligence Officer from 3 GB who checked on the OP order and sent these details to Mrs Con Dexter. Dec’s mother. [/inserted]



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