The Bombing of Munich



The Bombing of Munich


The ruins of buildings and industrial plants in Munich are silhouetted against a wall of flames and smoke. At the top of the frame, a portion of blue sky appears to be full of aircraft, some of them crashing in flames. Anti-aircraft batteries, a bridge, ruins and the tail section of an aircraft are visible in the foreground.

Label reads “154”; signed by the author; caption reads “23 SETTEMBRE 1944. GERMANIA massiccie formazioni di quadrimotori anglo-americani provenienti dai campi italiani di Foggia, attaccano MONACO di BAVIERA in pieno giorno.”

Caption translates as: “23 September 1944. Germany, massive waves of four-engine, Anglo-American aircraft from the Italian airfields in Foggia attacking Munich in broad daylight.”

Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage




One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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