Battle of the Espero convoy. Part 1



Battle of the Espero convoy. Part 1


An exchange of salvos is taking place between three Regia Marina vessels and seven Royal Navy ships crossing a calm sea. Plumes of black smoke are billowing out of the funnels. Shell splashes are occurring around the Italian ships.

Label reads “7”; signed by the author; caption reads “LA TRAGEDIA dell‘ESPERO 28 GIUGNO 1940, MEDITERRANEO ORIENTALE (1). Il cacciatorpediniere italiano, seguito dai suoi due compagni di flottiglia in missione di perlustrazione in Mediterraneo. Segnalata dà 2 ricognitori inglesi, appare sulla linea dell’orizzonte, una squadra inglese, 5 incrociatori, 2 caccia, l’Espero si getta sotto a capofitto, forzando le machine i 2 caccia gemelli, avanzarono e si gettarono al capofila, correvano per il mare, a zig-zag per evitare i colpi nemici…”

Caption translates as: “The Espero tragedy – 28 June 1940, Eastern Mediterranean Sea (1). The Italian destroyer, followed by two other vessels belonging to the same flotilla, carry out a reconnaissance mission in the Mediterranean Sea. Spotted by two reconnaissance ships, an English flotilla of five cruisers and two destroyers appear on the horizon. The Espero throws itself in the fight. Sailing full steam ahead, the two twin destroyers moved to the front, they zigzagged, rushing through the sea and dodging enemy shells…”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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