Air alarms log 31 August 1943 - 21 February 1944



Air alarms log 31 August 1943 - 21 February 1944
DIARO. Degli. ALLARMI. E. PREALLARMI. 31 Ag. 1943 al 21 Febb: 1944


After 8 September 1943, early warnings continue for two days, but nothing is logged until 21 September. Only five bombings are noted, while early warnings decreasing considerably. In October bombings are again on the increase and Pistoia is bombed for the first time the 24. From November onward, early warnings are less frequent, the last one being noted down on 10 December. Pistoia is hit for the second time on 26 December. From January 1944 there is a higher number of alarms and bombings: Pistoia is bombed three times. From middle January on, most bombings in other parts of Italy are no longer recorded.

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