Letter to his mother from Leslie Mellor Tetley



Letter to his mother from Leslie Mellor Tetley


Letter to his mother from Aircraftsman First Class Leslie Mellor Tetley. He writes about the results of his first examinations at No 6 School of Technical Training RAF Hednesford, the pressure of work and what was expected on the course in future. Discusses family financial matters and reflects on opportunities if he does well on the course.

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Two page handwritten letter


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545586, A.C.1 Tetley L.M
Hut 19
“A” Squadron – 2 Wing.
No 6 S of TT.
R.A.F Hednesford
[RAF crest]
Dearest Mother & Alice,
Sorry that I haven’t been regular in my letter writing, you see we’ve a terrible amount of swatting to do every spare minute we have, we’ve already had our first exam I got 64% we have our next on Friday for preliminary rigging; Ive [sic] another 12 weeks to go, if I pass out A/C.2 I lose 3d per day if I pass out 1. I gain another 6d so ive [sic] really nothing much to lose even if I do pass out 2. – to pass out A/C.1 you’ve got to average 60% on all your exams. Ive [sic] kicked of [sic] O.K, by the way Ma, I’ve already
[page break]
stopped half my allotment to you, but I’ll have to send you half by postal order so that will be alright I suppose.
I’ve also got a chance if I pass out with high marks of getting on to a fitter II Airframe course, that’s a group 1 trade only 3d per day from flight rigger but [deleted] its [/deleted] better prospects of promotion
Well I’ll knock off now as Ive [sic] 8 pages of notes to write up & 5 diagrams to do.
Your Loving Son L.
P.S. Thanks very much for your POs & stamps they certainly are welcome


Leslie Mellor Tetley, “Letter to his mother from Leslie Mellor Tetley,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/896.

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