Andreas N


Andreas N


Andreas N's account of the events at the City Cleaning Department, Franzgraben 85.



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Record 80


Translated from the original in German: Present is the beer delivery driver Andreas N., born 11 April 1894, and makes the following statement:
We were standing in the yard. We saw an airplane drop a flare bomb and we (I, Seitz, Weckmüller and senior city official Stöppler and Mr Lange): “It’ll be a massive attack!” So we went down into the cellar. Every now and again we had a look as to what was happening and when the incendiaries came, we fought fires on the steps to the bunker and on the yard, in the washroom, in the office and in the attic and in the admin building. Around us, in the garden and in the fields were explosive bombs. So we fought the fires until we ran out of water, carried the air raid beds from the cellars, the tables and everything else we could salvage. We carried many bits from the office into the cellar. Those things were saved. But then the cars in the garage started burning and then the water was gone and we could not do anything further. The gas bottles with the propellant caught fire too and so we spent the whole evening like that. The sheds burnt out, and the washroom and the roof. Everything else was already destroyed by fire on 3 October. Ten horses died in that fire. Only one is still alive.


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