Letter from David Boldy to his parents



Letter from David Boldy to his parents


Letter from David Boldy to his parents with general conversation about attending St. Joseph’s College, Naini Tal. He mentions how relieved he is that the cobra was caught as it could have been dangerous. David tells them that he has just returned from camp where he enjoyed himself. Activities he undertook include manoeuvres, marching and playing cricket. He says he saw his brother, Stephen, from a distance during a brief visit from his class but was not able to speak to him only wave. He mentions that the march to camp was ‘quite stiff’ and reminds his parents to plant out the seeds.




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[St Joseph’s College crest]


My darling Mummy and Daddy.

Thanks for your letters. Its a lucky thing that cobra was discovered, [deleted] indecipherable letter [/deleted] it would have been very dangerous with 15 of them around the place. I arrived from camp yesterday, safe and sound, and I had a good time. We had P.T early in the morning then [inserted] a [/inserted] Manover [sic] [deleted] s [/deleted] for about 3 hrs and 1/2 an hour parade at 3. We were free the rest of the time. [deleted] indecipherable letter [/deleted] We were allowed except to places out of bounds. I am glad to hear there are three more new lambs. I heard from Lall today and he has just finished some exams, and they are practicing for the sports. That blighter Ronald has not written for a very long time.

[deleted] Steve’s class, [/deleted] Most of the classes came for a picnic [deleted] t [/deleted] to Blowali [sic] on Thursday. And Steve came as well. There was parade when he came so I could not

[page break]

speak to him, but only waved out.

We are having practice matches for the inter class tournaments now. The march up from Camp was quite stiff. It was very cold [deleted] at camp [/deleted] in the mornings at camp. There was [inserted] interschool [/inserted] boxing but no tournament as other years. My weight stripped is 7 stone 13lbs. I hope the seeds are a sucess, [sic] dont forget to [deleted] put [/deleted] sow, lettuce, radish, peas, and [underlined] spring unions [sic] [/underlined]. I am glad to hear Dons wound is nearly allright, [sic] I hope they won’t fight any more.

We might finish our match with the 9th today. Counting our 2nd innings handicap, they are beating us by 7 runs so it ought [deleted] be [/deleted] to be quite exciting.

No more news today, with lots of love and kisses from your loving son

[underlined] David [/underlined]




David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/829.

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