Operations order 24 July 1944



Operations order 24 July 1944
Operational and training programme for night 24/25 July 1944 Serial 129/44


List crews and aircraft for operations on night 24/25 July 1945. Includes duty personnel. On the reverse part of a medical form, not filled in and scribbled over in blue.



Temporal Coverage



Two sided typewritten document


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SChattertonJ159568v10138, SChattertonJ159568v10139


[Underlined] NO. 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. 24th JULY, 1944. [/underlined]

[Underlined] OPERATIONAL AND TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR NIGHT 24/25TH JULY, 1944. SERIAL NO 129/44 [/underlined]

[Underlined] NE 138 Z (III) [/underlined]

S/Ldr White
Sgt Rickeard
F/S Jones
F/S Jenkins
P/O Marston
Sgt Burnett
F/S Watts
+ F/O Gale

[Underlined] LL 965 V (I) [/underlined]

F/Lt Belasco
Sgt Alexander
F/Lt Watson
F/O Wilson
W/O Cameron
F/S Palmer
Sgt Howes

[Underlined] LM 650 T (III) [/underlined]

F/O Lewis
Sgt Neilans
F/S Shearman
Sgt King
F/S Mills
Sgt Spence
W/O Suckling

[Underlined] PB 283/G Q (III) [/underlined]

F/O Phillips
Sgt Hickey
Sgt Cameron
F/S Cockburn
Sgt Hockley
W/O Danahar
Sgt Robertson

[Underlined] PB 251/G O (III) [/underlined]

F/S Heath
Sgt Smith
Sgt Bennett
F/S Laforest
Sgt Parkinson
Sgt Pyper
Sgt Coutts

[Underlined] PB 266/G S (III) [/underlined]

F/S Duncan
Sgt Waters
Sgt Dransfield
Sgt Kneil
F/S Nolan
F/S Hennessey
F/S Walker

[Underlined] LM 645 P (III) [/underlined]

F/S Westgate
Sgt Fisher
F/L Edwards DFC
Sgt Thompson
Sgt Randall
Sgt Murphy
Sgt Gee

[Underlined] PB 192/G F (III) [/underlined]

F/L Dobson
Sgt McKenzie
Sgt Knight
F/S Johnstone
F/S Edge
Sgt Snape
Sgt Dry

[Underlined] PB 190/G J (III) [/underlined]

F/O Mitchell
Sgt Jobe
Sgt Bent
Sgt Williams
Sgt Levings
Sgt Hague
Sgt Froud

[Underlined] LM 625 H (III) [/underlined]

F/O Slade
Sgt Crammond
F/S Henderson
F/O Shute
Sgt Bishop
F/S Holland
Sgt Spankie

[Underlined] ND 631 B (III) [/underlined]

F/O Stockwell
Sgt Kemp
Sgt Frost
Sgt Lumsden
Sgt Ball
Sgt Boland
Sgt Stocking

[Underlined] LM 192 K (I) [/underlined]

F/S Binion
Sgt Pearce
F/S Kennnedy
W/O Gebhard
Sgt Stroud
F/S Micalchuk
Sgt Knox

[Underlined] PB 235 G (III) [/underlined]

F/O Evans
Sgt Snoxell
Sgt Hunter
Sgt Harper
Sgt Fearn
F/L Clarke DFC
Sgt Cahill

[Underlined] LM 170 E (I) [/underlined]

F/O Cartwright
Sgt Mitchell
F/O Olsen
F/O Beaton
Sgt Davidson
F/S Hargreaves
Sgt Simpson

[Underlined] ME 694 L (I) [/underlined]

F/O Ibbotson
Sgt Worrall
F/S Greatz
F/S Murray
Sgt Andrews
F/S Whitehand
F/S Wells
+ P/O McKechnie

[Underlined] PB 189/G A (III) [/underlined]

F/O Oxborrow
Sgt Cotter
Sgt Hamilton
F/O Clegg
Sgt Mitchell
Sgt Penton
Sgt Halliwell

[Underlined] ND 578 Y (III) [/underlined]

F/O Davey
Sgt Rawcliffe
F/Lt Grant
F/O Roddie
Sgt Oliphant
F/S Arnold
Sgt Morley

[Underlined] DUTY CREW [/underlined]

P/O Parker
Sgt Barker
Sgt Little
Sgt Dean
Sgt Williams
Sgt Courteney
Sgt Craven
Sgt Kaye

[Underlined] BRIEFING [/underlined] : NAVIGATORS:

Note: 2nd Pilots

Officer i/c Night Flying: S/Ldr Hildred, Duty F/Engineer: To be detailed;
Duty Electricians: LACs Bygrave & Fraser; Duty Photos: Sgt: White;
Duty Sigs: Cpl Russell & AC Brewer; Duty Armr NCOs: Cpl Gibbons,
Duty Flight NCOs: Sgts Gibbons & Le Blanc Smith; Duty C lerk: LAC Hudson;
Duty Sigs Officer; F/Lt Hughes; Duty F/E Officer: To be detailed;
Duty Air Bomber: F/Lt Lowry; Duty Gunnery: F/Os Hourigan & Bradshaw;
Duty Radar: F/Lt Savage DFC, F/O Atwell & P/O: Cooper;


Flight Lieutenant,

for Wing Commander,


[Underlined] No: 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 24 July 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 5, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7212.

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