Operations order 14 August 1944



Operations order 14 August 1944
Operational detail for daylight operations on 15 August 1944 Serial 151/44


List crews and aircraft for operations on 15 August 1944. One member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Heights are annotated against each aircraft.Includes duty personnel and timings.



Temporal Coverage



Photocopy of one page typewritten document


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[underlined] NO.44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [underlined] [underlined] 14th. AUGUST, 1944. [underlined]

15th. AUGUST, 1944. SERIAL NO. 151/44. [underlined]

[inserted] 16000 [/inserted]
[underlined] NE.138.Z.(III) [/underlined]
S/L. White.
Sgt. Rickeard.
P/O. Jones.
[underlined] F/S. Jenkins. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
P/O. Marston.
F/S. Burnett.
F/S. Watts.

[inserted] 15750 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.417.R.(III) [/underlined]
F/L. Newmarch.
Sgt. Appleton.
F/O. Biggs.
[underlined] Sgt. Handley. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Launder.
Sgt. McCarthy.
Sgt. Nicholls.

[inserted] 15500 [/inserted]
[underlined] PD.222.U.(I) [/underlined]
F/O. Gilchrist.
Sgt. Webb.
Sgt. Mcquire.
[underlined] F/O. McAuley. [/underlined]
F/O. Mercer.
F/S. McNeilage.
F/S. McLeod.

[inserted] 15250 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.251/G.O.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Freestone.
Sgt. Post.
F/S. Gage.
[underlined] F/O. Woollam. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Taylor.
Sgt. Bullivant.
F/S. Henders.

[inserted] 15000 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.380.S.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Boswell.
Sgt. Loynd.
Sgt. Meakin.
[underlined] F/O. Creed. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Hunt.
Sgt. Merry.
F/S. Leslie.

[inserted] 14750 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.283/G.Q.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Phillips.
Sgt. Hickey.
Sgt. Cameron. [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
[underlined] F/S. Cockburn. [/underlined]
Sgt. Hockley.
W/O. Danahar.
Sgt. Robertson.

[inserted] 14500 [/inserted]
[underlined] LL.965.V.(I) [/underlined]
F/O. Westgate.
Sgt. Fisher.
F/O. Turner.
[underlined] Sgt. Thompson. [/underlined]
Sgt. Randall.
Sgt. Murphy.
Sgt. Gee.

[inserted] 14250 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.192/G.F.(III) [/underlined]
F/L. Dobson.
Sgt. Mackenzie.
F/S. Knight.
[underlined] F/S. Johnstone. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Edge.
F/S. Snape.
F/S. Dry.

[inserted] 16000 [/inserted]
[underlined] LM.650.T.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Lewis.
Sgt. Neilans.
F/S. Shearman.
[underlined] Sgt. King. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Mills.
F/S. Welensky.
W/O. Suckling.

[inserted] 14000 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.235.G.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Evans.
Sgt. Snoxell.
F/S. Hunter.
[underlined] F/S. Harper. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Fearn.
Sgt. Vause.
Sgt. Cahill.

[inserted] 15750 [/inserted]
[underlined] ND.869/G.M.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Good.
Sgt. Holmes.
F/S. Hooke.
[underlined] F/O. Presnail. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Meredith.
Sgt. Wilton.

[inserted] 15500 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.190/G.J.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Cartwright.
Sgt. Mitchell.
F/O. Olsen.
[underlined] F/O. Beaton. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Davison.
F/S. Hargreaves.
F/S. Simpson.

[inserted] 15250 [/inserted]
[underlined] LM.654.P.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Anning.
Sgt. Snedker.
F/S. Cardwell.
[underlined] F/O. Valentine. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
P/O. Slater.
Sgt. Vance.
Sgt. Retter.

[inserted] 15000 [/inserted]
[underlined] LM.192.K.(I) [/underlined]
F/S. Binion.
Sgt. Gunnee.
F/S. Kennedy.
[underlined] W/O. Gebhard. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Stroud.
F/S. Micalchuk.

[inserted] 14750 [/inserted]
[underlined] ND.631.B.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Stockwell.
Sgt. Bender.
Sgt. Frost.
[underlined] F/S. Treloar. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Ball.
F/S. Boland.
F/S. Stocking.

[inserted] 14500 [/inserted]
[underlined] PB.189/G.A.(III) [/underlined]
F/O. Oxborrow.
Sgt. Cotter.
F/S. Hamilton.
[underlined] F/S. Murphy. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Mitchell.
Sgt. Penton.
F/O. Hourigan.

[inserted] 16000 [/inserted]
[underlined] STANDBY ‘X’ [/underlined]
F/O. Piggot.
Sgt. Cousins.
Sgt. Manley.
[underlined] F/O. Russell. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Carpenter.
Sgt. Milford.
Sgt. Burke.

[inserted] 15000 [/inserted]
[underlined] STANDBY ‘H’ [/underlined]
F/O. Hodson.
Sgt. Warburton.
Sgt. Cree.
[underlined] Sgt. Randell. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
F/S. Dubois.
Sgt. Holland.
Sgt. Nolan.

[inserted] 14250 [/inserted]
[underlined] STANDBY ‘L’ [/underlined]
F/O. Heath.
Sgt. Smith.
Sgt. Bennett.
[underlined] F/S. Laforest. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Parkinson.
Sgt. Pyper.
Sgt. Coutts.

[underlined] STANDBY CREW. [/underlined]
F/O. Coventry.
Sgt. Shuttleworth.
Sgt. Ayre.
[underlined] Sgt. Gibson. [/underlined] [inserted] [tick] [/inserted]
Sgt. Wood.
Sgt. Perkins.
Sgt. Lewis.

[underlined] DUTY CREW. [/underlined]
F/O. Wilson.
Sgt. Brian.
Sgt. Dawe.
Sgt. Cullet.
Sgt. Jenkins.
Sgt. Knight.
Sgt. Lansdown.
Sgt. Matley.
Sgt. Davison.
Sgt. Stevens.
Sgt. Marshall.
Sgt. Bowsher.

[underlined] THE FOLLOWING TO ATTEND BRIEFING. [/underlined]
F/S. Pearce.
W/O. Awcock.
Sgt. Benjamin.
W/O. Palmer.

[underlined] BRIEFING: [/underlined]
NAVIGATORS & SPECIALISTS : [inserted] 07 [/inserted] [deleted] 06 [/deleted].15 HOURS.
CAPTAINS : [inserted] 07 [/inserted] [deleted] 06 [/deleted].30 HOURS.
MAIN : [inserted] 08 [/inserted] [deleted] 07 [/deleted].00 HOURS.
MEALS : [inserted] 06 [/inserted] [deleted] 05 [/deleted].45 HOURS.

[underlined] OFFICER I/C. FLYING – S/LDR.HILDRED. [/underlined]

[underlined] Squadron Leader,
NO.44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 14 August 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 23, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7211.

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