Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes some general comments about life including a mention of an operation to Turin and how he spends his time off.




Three page handwritten letter


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R.A.F. Ludford Magna.
Market Rasen.
[underlined] Lincolnshire. [/underlined]

[underlined] Sunday. [/underlined]

Dear Unk - etc
Appealing to your sense of duty, I suppose, is impossible but if you think I am going to be concerned in a one-way letter service you are definitely up the spout. While I only have time off now and again from the successful prosecution of the war, you skulk on sunlit beaches and neglect me altogether. My friend (?), it will not do. If you want the gen I am sorely afraid you will have to show a little more of the old co-operative spirit and not some of the Navy way of “Ladder up, I’m aboard.”
Things generally are just dandy. Bags of no flying and keep ‘em on the deck. Just the sort of service the brave air-crews

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looking for [sic]. In fact if they would only scrub the flying business altogether I think I could really settle down at the life. Our last effort was Turin so you can guess how long we have been out of the air. If only they paid us proper union rates, with overtime and night work, it would be one of the over-crowded professions, as it is there are bags of room for volunteers – any offers?

The time off, so far, has not been utilised in its correct manner and the wine, women and song have definitely had the go-by. Not that we have reformed but circumstances prevailing prevent the full enjoyment of our leisure hours. We are all suffering from an insidious disease known as air-crew cramp, which shows itself in an abnormal craving for the flesh-pots and a hollow pocket. Still the big day is looming over the horizon and the disease will no doubt

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reach its crisis Thursday and pass away completely with the application of the usual remedy. Then I think I shall find me a nice WAAF with slim hips and a broad mind and go on another sortie.

I hope the rest of the brave warriors are going about their duly appointed tasks in a soldierly manner and letting the mugs do the hard bits. I should think that by now Moloney and Co. know what they are fighting for – I found out quite a while ago – its [sic] a good position in the NAAFI queue. Hope the rest of the mob are still looking busy when the man pops out. Remember me to all.
Love and kisses

P.S. Any old reading matter will be very welcome as I am having a hard time at Solo.



Peter Lamprey, “Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 10, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6539.

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