460 Squadron



460 Squadron


Photograph 1 is of a Lancaster AR-Z waiting to take off.
Photograph 2 is of 460 Squadron's crest.
Photograph 3 is of a Lancaster in the air, close to the ground.
Photograph 4 is of the pilot in the cockpit of a Lancaster, captioned 'Lancaster waiting for take off 2nd aircraft in view through windscreen'.
Photograph 5 is of six airmen in a bar with beer glasses in their hands.
Photograph 6 is of an airman inside an aircraft.
Photograph 7 is of nine airmen marching, viewed from the side.
Photograph 8 is of a Lancaster in the air, close to the ground.
Photograph 9 is of six airmen walking, viewed from the side. Behind is a small building.

Spatial Coverage



Nine b/w photographs on an album page


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