12 Squadron [concept]


12 Squadron [concept]


12 Squadron was formed in February 1915 at Netheravon, Wiltshire and re-formed in April 1923 at RAF Northolt. On the 26 September 1939, it was designated a Bomber squadron with 1 Group, 76 Wing, Advanced Air Striking Force, making it one of the first squadrons to be sent to France. For the rest of the war 12 Squadron was part of the main bomber force of Bomber Command. It was stationed at RAF Wickenby from September 1942 until the end of the war. In November 1943 C Flight of 12 Squadron was detached to form 626 Squadron. 12 Squadron is still operational today.
It was stationed at: RAF Finningley, RAF Binbrook, RAF Thorney Island, RAF Eastchurch and RAF Wickenby.
Aircraft flown included: Battle, Wellington and Lancaster.
Wartime losses: 1138


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