RAF Finningley [concept]


RAF Finningley [concept]


RAF Finningley was in Yorkshire four miles south-east of Doncaster. It opened in 1936, and was initially home to 7 and 102 Squadrons. In September 1939 RAF Finningley was in 5 Group with 7 and 76 Squadrons but both were replaced by 106 Squadron in a training role, although it did participate in operations during September 1940 against German invasion barges. 106 Squadron was replaced in February 1941 by 25 Operational Training Unit (OTU). Transferred to 1 Group, the OTU participated in the 1,000 bomber attacks in May 1942. 18 OTU replaced 25 OTU in February 1943 and remained at the station until late 1944 when it was replaced by the Bomber Command Instructors School. Concrete runways were laid at RAF Finningley between November 1943 and May 1944. 1507 and 1521 Blind Approach Training Flights also used the station.
It was home to: 7 Squadron, 102 Squadron, 76 Squadron, and 106 Squadron.
Aircraft flown included: Hampden, Anson, Wellington, Manchester, Lancaster and Halifax.
Wartime losses: 245


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