Photography section



Photography section
RAF Hartford Bridge, Hampshire. 1944


Photograph 1 is of four airmen, including Reginald George Cavalier, standing at the back of the photographic trailer. Captioned: 'Photographic Trailer, 11th March 1944. Harold Pyatt, Frank Watson, R.G.C., Hal Ashley.'

Photograph 2 is of the inside the trailer captioned: 'Inside Photographic Trailer, Chalky White, Frank Watson, Les Seymour.'

Photograph 3 is of six airmen at the back of the trailer drinking tea. Captioned: 'Photo Sec S.H.Q. 137 Wing. Tea Break. Jock Sadler, John Vassell, Hal Ashley, R.G.C., Les Seymour, Chalky White.'

Photograph 4 is an airman in a tin bath. A leather flying jacket is draped over his shoulders although he wears no other clothes. Behind on the wall is a cartoon of Hitler with the message 'To hell with Hitler'. There is a funnel arrangement and cans labelled 'Fuel Oil' and 'H2O' on a shelf behind him. Captioned: 'Friday night, Bath Night, Harold Pyatt.'

Photographs 5 and 6 are of 12 airmen including Reginald George Cavalier, arranged in a group at the back of a trailer/tent arrangement. Captioned: 'Photo Sec, S.H.Q. 137 Wing, 88 Sqd Photographers, April 1944. John Johnstone, Chalky White, Jock Sadler, Sid Burton, Harold Pyatt, Joe Bazin, Ted Butterworth, Les Seymour, Frank Watson, R.G.C., Ton Thomas.'



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Six b/w photographs on an album page


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