Colombelles steel works, Arnhem, and Breskens fort



Colombelles steel works, Arnhem, and Breskens fort


Photograph 1 is of a vertical of Colombelles steel works marshalling yard. Much of the ground is obscured by cloud and bomb explosions. There is a Boston with invasion stripes in the top half of the image. It is annotated '5018 F342 134 22 Jun 44 8"// F A0976 10,000 ← '.
Photograph 2 is of the same marshalling yard, cloud free but bomb explosions in the bottom left corner where there is a large number of industrial buildings.
Photograph 3 is of the same area with bomb explosions in the same area.
Photograph 4 is of Arnhem with a bridge in the bottom centre. The Rhine runs through the centre of the image. The image is annotated '5009' and captioned 'Arnham [sic], Holland. (Bridge). 88Sqd, Boston A/C.'
Photograph 5 is a section of coastline near Breskens with a harbour. There are bomb explosions and smoke obscuring much of the lower half of the photograph. At the top is a star (trace italienne) fort. Captioned '5023 225/583 11SEP44 8"//B A0450 12,000' ↑'. Captioned '11. Sept 1944. French Coast, 226 Sqd, Mitchell A/C.'



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