RAF Wyton [concept]


RAF Wyton [concept]


RAF Wyton was a Bomber Command station located in Cambridgeshire, 4 miles (6 kms) north-east from Huntingdon.

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It first opened in 1916 but reopened in 1936 as part of 2 Group. 139 Squadron and 114 Squadron flew Blenheims until December 1939, when they were replaced by the Blenheims of 40 Squadron and 15 Squadron. RAF Wyton was transferred to 3 Group in November 1940 and both squadrons converted to Wellingtons. 40 Squadron moved out in February 1941 and 15 Squadron was re-equipped with Stirlings in April 1941. Concrete runways were laid over the winter 1941-42 and in August 1942 RAF Wyton became the headquarters of the new Pathfinder force and 83 Squadron, with Lancasters moved in, as did 109 Squadron with Mosquitos. 109 Squadron was replaced in July 1943 by 139 Squadron Mosquitos which, were themselves replaced in September 1944 by 128 Squadron with Mosquitos as part of the 8 Group Light Night Striking Force. They were joined by 163 Squadron Mosquitos in January 1945.


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