RAF Wyton [concept]


RAF Wyton [concept]


RAF Wyton is in Cambridgeshire, four miles north east from Huntingdon. It first opened in 1916 but construction of a new airfield began in 1935 and it reopened in July 1936 as part of 2 Group. 139 Squadron and 114 Squadron flew Hinds and later Blenheims from here until December 1939, when they were replaced by 40 Squadron until 1941 and 15 Squadron until January 1942. Concrete runways were laid 1941/42 and it became the home of the Pathfinder Force with 83 Squadron and 109 Squadron. 109 Squadron was replaced in July 1943 by 139 Squadron. They left and were replaced by 128 Squadron as part of the Light Night Striking Force of 8 Group in September 1944. They were joined by 163 Squadron in January 1945 and 156 Squadron in June 1945. It was also used for beam approach training, bombing and gunnery, and meteorological flights. The station closed for flying in March 1995.
It was home to: 139 Squadron (Hind, Blenheim), 114 Squadron (Hind, Blenheim), 15 Squadron (Battle, Blenheim, Wellington, Lancaster) 40 Squadron (Battle, Blenheim, Wellington), 83 Squadron (Lancaster), 109 Squadron (Mosquito), 139 Squadron (Mosquito), 128 Squadron (Mosquito), 163 Squadron (Mosquito), 156 Squadron (Lancaster).
Wartime losses: 772


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