Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about bout leaving London for a farm job in Ipswich with his friend Ronnie. His Brother Steve will also be leaving. David played tennis and went to see a play.




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59, Bathurst Mews,
Lancaster Gate,
London, W. 2.,
9th July, 1939.

My own darling Dad,

Thanks very much for your letter and all your news.

Soon after the exam Ronnie and I applied for jobs on a farm as I told you. Our applications have been accepted. We leave town tomorrow. We get 34/6 a week. Board & lodging costs approximately 25/- a week so that leaves 10/-. Still it will be a novel experience, and will build our bodies up. Also we will spend much less money on pleasure than we would in town. The place we are going to is Ipswich about 70 miles from London. [deleted fragment] I am glad we got the jobs, as Steve will also be away off and on and it will mean Mummy will have a long rest, which is just what she needs.

Yes Dad keep your chin up, please God we will all be together again soon. Things (I mean as regards our careers) should be much clearer in about a year.

I played Peter in tennis the other day

[page break]

and we enjoyed it. Day before yesterday, I went to a sherry party at Peter’s place and we had a very nice time. Cecil also went and a few others [deleted] so [/deleted] I knew.

Yesterday I went to the Harvey’s and Helen, Basil, Winnie, Freddie, Dora and I went to a play “While Parents Sleep” at a place in Edgeware Road. It was absolutely marvellous. We then went back to their place and had an amusing party. I went over and said goodbye to them this afternoon. I also went with them and Steve to Mrs Dawsons to say goodbye. Steve went off to the flicks, Mum is still at Mrs Dawsons and I am about to go to a flick.

John left for India the other day. I think he enjoyed staying with us. He thanked Mum warmly for the way in which she looked after him.

The results will be out in about 11 or 12 days. D.V. I have passed. No more to-day. God bless & keep you and bring you back safely to us. With lots of love & kisses, from your loving son

[underlined] David [/underlined].



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