Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about about visiting auntie Maisy in Kensington over Christmas, reports of some of his friends getting into Sandhurst, but failing to get into Cranwell.




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Two page handwritten letter


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7, Wallace Court,
300, Marylebone Road,
London, N.W.1.,
28th December, 1937.

My own darling Daddy,
Thank you for your letters and all your news. We got them when we came back from Kensing. We had a quiet but very pleasant four days at Aunty Maisie’s. We went on Friday, chatted, saw in Xmas & then went to bed. [deleted] In [/deleted] On Xmas morning we all took communion and then stayed quietly at home, playing cards & chatting. Went to bed at 2 oclock [sic]. We did not play any tennis as it was both too cold & too wet to do so. On Sunday we also had a quiet day, but on Monday went to a dance. Only Uncle Bob, Steve & I went. So Mum could have saved 7sh on her dress. The dance was very quiet at first & then things livened up and we quite enjoyed ourselves. The crowd there was not very select but every one was very jolly. Norman is very lively now & we found him very amusing.
It was very nice of the Macks to invite you for tennis, tea & dinner on Xmas Day. I hope you enjoyed yourself. D.V. we will all have a happy Easter in 1939. I am sorry to hear business was not good, but you seem to have done a bigger quantity than the other places. I do hope everything is allright & that they will keep you on.
[page break]
We are going to our first pantomime on Thursday and we will probably put in a couple of pictures & then settle down to work again. It has got cold again [deleted] the [/deleted] it has been quite wet & foggy lately. Uncle Bob and Aunty Maisie have asked us down for the 19th July are having their tennis club dance which they say is a good affair. If it is not in dress suits we will go. So I dont [sic] think I shall go to the fancy dress ball here.
Before we left Aunty Maisie’s. Mrs Stephens and her nephew Mr Miletus arrived. He is Major Miletus’ brother. He has a very gentle face & I liked him. Mrs Fenteman who we met at Aunty Maisie’s some time ago, said that if I had had anyone to pull the strings, I would got into any of the services inspite [sic] of nationality bars. Anyway since no one will pull strings for us we will jolly well get on alone. Among the candidates for Sandhurst I saw R. Grant had passed, but whether it is the Bob Grant I know, or not, I cannot say. The two boys at Mr Moores, for Sandhurst, got in, but the three for Cranwell failed to pass among the first twenty odd.
Well no more to-day. Love to Mr Joseph & the rest, God bless & Keep and bring you back safely to us. With lots of love and Kisses & a happy new year from your
loving son
[underlined] David. [/underlined]



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