Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about London life, studies and his brother Steve. First visit to see a Punch and Judy show.




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Two page handwritten letter


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7 Wallace Court,
300 Marylebone Rd,
London, N.W.1.,
20th October 1937.

My own darling Dad,
Thanks ever so much for your letter and all your news. I do hope something is done about poor Aunty Phylis, I don’t know what Uncle [indecipherable word] is up to. When Steve came back from hockey we were very pleased to hear that St Mary’s had won 5-2 out [inserted] of [/inserted] which Steve scored three goals, so his place in the team is fairly safe. We had our first fog a couple of days ago and there was the usual toll of accidents. It is a great shame that nothing can be done about. Luckily when Mum went to Kensing [?] the next day the [deleted] fug [/deleted] fog had cleared. Mum enjoyed herself at Kensing [?] and brought back heaps of goodies including chocolate biscuits. Aunty Maisie and Uncle Bob were as please as punch about Steve’s hockey and Aunty Maisie wanted to learn off [sic] the details so that she could repeat them correctly. I am going to try on my suit to-day. Steve has ordered two pairs of grey bags and is having a ready made sports coat altered. It is very nice. I am getting on well in my work. The other day or rather to-day my tutor made us write a question offhand and I got 54%. Probably in the exam about 60%. Which is not so bad. As we came out of class to-day we saw a Punch and Judy
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show for the first time. It was quite a novel experience.
Steve is getting on well in his work and today for the first time disce [inserted] c[/inserted] ted [?] a frog and from all he said evidently took in quite a deal about the internal organs of the frog. We had a letter from Aunty Beryl, they are on the high seas at present.
I am reading a very good book by Galsworthy called The Forsyth Saga. Although it was rather heavy in the beginning it is grand as it goes on. It deals with about seven generations of [deleted] the [/deleted] a family and has over 1,000 pages. One weeks papers will arrive late as we were in a hurry and missed posting to it.
Well no more to-day Dad, God bless and Keep you and bring you back safely to us, With lots of love
and Kisses from your loving
son [underlined] David [/underlined]



David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/476.

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