Davy, Frederick R


Davy, Frederick R
Davy, F R


21 items. The collection concerns Frederick R Davy (b. 1912, 1108747 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 625 Squadron.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Frederick Popoff catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Davy, FR

Collection Items

Le Courrier de l'Air
This edition focuses on a series of statements made by allied leaders and key French figures, reacting to the D-Day landings on 6th June.
General Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force urges people to be ready to play…

The Fate of Lancaster PB158
A document detailing the end of the Lancaster and its crew over Cologne, 2nd March 1945.

Frederick Davy's Decorations and brevet
Six medals awarded to Frederick:
DFC, Air Force Cross, 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

Frederick Davy's pilot's flying log book. Three
Frederick Davy’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 2 April 1945 to 18 October 1945 detailing his post-war career as an instructor at Bomber Command Instructors’ School. Served at RAF Finningley. Aircraft flown were Lancaster, Oxford. Flew two…

Frederick Davy's pilot's flying log book. Two
Frederick Davy’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 1 April 1943 to 28 March 1945 detailing his further pilot’s training at 15 AFU, 81 OTU, 28 OTU, 1656 HCU, 1 LFS and operational posting to 625 Squadron. Posted to Bomber Command Instructors’…

Frederick Davy's pilot's flying log book. One
Frederick Davy’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 14 December 1940 to 30 March 1943 detailing his pilot’s training at 22 EFTS, 12 SFTS, 15 FTS and 15 AFU. Served at EFTS Cambridge, RAF Grantham, RAF Cranwell, RAF Kidlington, RAF Kirmington, RAF…

Frederick Davy Montage
A montage featuring a photograph of Frederick, his medals and ribbons, letter from the King, his crew, letter from his group Air Vice Marshal and a note with his crew names and a comment that they were shot down over Cologne.

Le Havre
Target photograph of Le Havre taken during an operation. The right side is obscured by smoke. The left and top are clear and show the harbour, docks and breakwater. One vessel can be seen at an angle within the dock, bottom centre, but otherwise no…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Stettin. Much of the image is obscured by light and explosions but there are street patterns visible at the top. It is captioned '1359 KLS 29/30-8-44//NT C. 8" 16,000'

Ligescourt V-1 site
A target photograph during an operation at Ligescourt V-1 site. The village, tracks and woods to the south are visible. Explosions and smoke are seen on the village at top right and bottom left in the woodlands. Many craters in the fields around are…

Le Havre
A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Le Havre, centered on the Aplemont district, near the Forêt de Montgeon. The central area has explosions and smoke and many bomb craters are visible.
It is captioned 'KLS 10.0.44//8"…

Foret du Croc
A vertical aerial photograph of Foret du Croc. Most of the image is obscured by cloud. A Lancaster is visible in a clear patch under which road patterns are visible. It is captioned '901 KLS 6-7-44//8" 17,000' -->134° 21.00 1/2 Foret du Croc…

Le Havre
A target photograph taken during an operation at Le Havre. The left-centre of the image is obscured by cloud. The coastline and beaches north of the port is shown. A mix of urban and rural landscape with roads are visible, including the distinctive S…

Volkel Airfield
A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Volkel airfield. Much of the image is obscured by bomb blasts and smoke.
It is captioned '1243 KLS 15.8.44//8" 15,500

A vertical aerial photograph of Birmingham. The intersection between Church Hill Road and Crompton Road is highlighted. Captioned 'FN78 KLS 6-7-44//8" 6500' --> Birmingham 'Y' Training F/L Davy G625'.

Identification kindly provided by Kenneth R.…

Frederick Davy and Crew
Seven airmen at the nose of their Lancaster. On the nose is 'Green Goddess' and a cartoon woman. On the reverse is a post it with 'F Davy 3rd from Right'.

Frederick Davy
Frederick at the controls of an Oxford. On the reverse is a post it with 'Frederick Davy'

Note to Frederick Davy from King George
The letter accompanies an award made to Frederick by the King.

Squadron Detail
A list of duty NCOs at three airfield locations.

625 Squadron Battle Order 18 July 1944
A list of aircraft and crew required for operations on 18 July 1944.

Letter to Frederick Davy from Air Ministry
The letter advises that he is required to relinquish his commission in the RAF Volunteer Reserve.
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