Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from Sergeant David Boldy to his father, regarding his initial training and visiting his mother at home.


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Two page handwritten letter


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[underlined] [deleted] R.A.F Torquay. [/deleted] [underlined]

from Boldy.
59, Bathurst Mews.
Lancaster Gate,
London. W. 2.

My darling Dad,

Mum tells me that she has sent several of my letters to her on to you so you can regard them as written to you as well.

I am getting on very well here & rather enjoying life. Now and again we get rather fed up with the petty red tape in existence but otherwise it is a fine life. I have now been in the R.A.F. ten weeks. Each pay day - & every other Friday - we beat up the town & frequent the local taverns. We have some good fun. I have joined a Tennis club behind our billet - & have had some rather good tennis. I played in the Squadron Singles tournament & was beaten in the first round 2-6, 4-6. I led 4-1 in the [deleted] L [/deleted] second set. The

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court was asphalt and I just cannot play on it. There is nothing like a game on lawn.

Last week-end I managed to get home. I arrived on Saturday 10 p.m. and had to leave Sunday 4pm. Still it was worth it despite the short time. I had a very nice weekend. Steve had come in from Harefield brought a fellow student. Mum treated me royally. I may be able to go up again pretty soon.

We have done a lot of bathing [deleted] p [/deleted] P.T. here and every one I met in London remarked on how fit and tanned I was looking.

The subject’s [sic] we have studied lately are, Maths, Armaments – guns on the planes –, Navigation and Signals – Morse Code – I can do 4 words per min. The requisite amount being 6.

No more at the moment.

God bless you.

[underlined] Love Dave. [/underlined]



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