In Memory of John Henry Patrick Dwyer DFM



In Memory of John Henry Patrick Dwyer DFM


A booklet commemorating JHP Dwyer (Jack). It contains school football and cricket photographs, his 19 operations, a telegram on his arrival in Gibraltar, the events when he was badly wounded over Kiel, a telegram advising his parents where he was in hospital, a telegram advising he is missing, a drawing of a Lancaster with the crew names, a letter advising Jack is missing, a letter advising Jack is still missing and presumed dead, an extract from the London Gazette advising he has received a DFM, a letter to Jack's mother inviting her to a presentation of her son's DFM , a description on how to reach his grave in Hamburg, a letter to his wife sympathising for her loss from his headmaster and finally a memorial stone for 57 and 630 squadron losses.




15 printed page booklet


IBCC Digital Archive


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The Family of JHP Dwyer, “In Memory of John Henry Patrick Dwyer DFM,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 2, 2023,

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