Dwyer, John Henry Patrick


Dwyer, John Henry Patrick
J H P Dwyer


10 items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant John Henry Patrick Dwyer DFM (b. 1913, 746829 Royal Air Force) and contains documents, correspondence and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 57 Squadron and was killed 9/10 November 1942.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John L Dwyer and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on John Dwyer is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Dwyer, JHP

Collection Items

Aiming Point Certificate
A Lancaster with the name of its crew underneath. It refers to an operation over Genoa on 22/23 October 1942. JHP Dwyer was in the crew.

In Memory of John Henry Patrick Dwyer DFM
A booklet commemorating JHP Dwyer (Jack). It contains school football and cricket photographs, his 19 operations, a telegram on his arrival in Gibraltar, the events when he was badly wounded over Kiel, a telegram advising his parents where he was in…

JHP Dwyer's Service Record
RAF Form 543 completed with JHP Dwyer's details.

RAF Volunteer Reserve - Notice Paper
RAF Form 2022 signed by JHP Dwyer

Four Airmen
Four airmen standing at the side of a flooded road with their kit bags.

Six Airmen
Six airmen standing outside rough cast buildings.

Six Airmen
Six airmen by a car outside a rough cast building. Five are seated and one is standing.

JHP Dwyer
JHP Dwyer standing, in uniform, at the front of a Blenheim, coded 'GR'. In a second image he is joined by two other airmen.

JHP Dwyer
A full length portrait of JHP Dwyer standing in uniform outside a concrete building. On the reverse '746829 F/Sgt JHP Dwyer'.

Letter to JHJP Dwyer's Wife
The letter from the wife of a crew member, Sergeant Bartle, asks if she has heard anything about the crew. She has been in touch with Pilot Officer Griffin's wife and Pilot Officer Walsh's wife. Air Gunner Grellier's mother also wrote to her.…
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