Roll of honour for Path Finder Force RAF Little Staughton



Roll of honour for Path Finder Force RAF Little Staughton


Lists casualties for 109 Squadron and 582 Squadron in 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1946. Has squadron badges for both squadrons an 8 Group and two Victoria Crosses (Squadron Leader Robert A.M.Palmer V.C, D.F.C & Bar 109 Sqn and Captain Edwin E Swales V.C., D.F.C. 582 Sqn). Drawings of Lancaster and Mosquito,

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[109 Squadron emblem]

Squadron Leader Robert A. M. Palmer
109 SQDN.

[8 Group Headquarters emblem]

Captain Edwin E. Swales
V.C., D.F.C.,
582 SQDN.

[582 Squadron emblem]



ROLL OF HONOUR 1944 – 1945

F.L. Carpenter E C DFC 23.12.44
F.L. Evans J V 5.3.45
S.L. Foulsham J DFC AFC 20.7.44
F.L. Fredman N H DFC 6.5.44
W.O. Gardia-Webb J 16.11.44
F.L. Hodgson W Mc DFC DFM 27.12.44
F.O. Hynes K F 19.10.44
F.L. Jones W A DFC 6.3.45
S.L. Kay D K S DFC BAR 19.10.44
F.O. Kerr W T 21.12.44
F.O. Kitchen A E DFC 28.11.44
F.O. Lambert W T DFM 23.12.44
P.O. Lynn T DFC DFM 25.4.45
P.L. McGreal T DFC 25.4.45
P.O. Mitchell P E DFC 5.4.44
S.L. Palmer R A M. VC DFC BAR 23.12.44
F.O. Payne A M 5.3.45
F.L. Russell G DFC 23.12.44
S.L. Smith G M 6.3.45
S.L. Stephens H B DFC 6.5.44
F.L. Swarbrick J DFC 20.7.44
F.O. Weafe D A DFC 21.12.44
W.O. Wendes R J 16.11.44
F.O. Williams D K DFC 5.7.44

Pre April 1944

F.L. Ackland L J DFC 26.3.43
P.O. Convey L J 28.3.42
W.O. Flett A H DFM 14.1.44
F.O. Jackson F R DFM 22.10.43
F.O. Leigh R E 10.2.44
P.O. Logan R H 28.5.43
F.O. McKenna C D 8.4.43
P.O. Old W J 19.3.43
P.O. Strouts F S DFC 26.3.43
F.O. Walker J 8.4.43

LAC Alston W A G 23.9.44
F.S. Ames R H 16.6.44
F.S. Archibald K 13.8.44
F.L. Aungiers G R 20.7.44
F.S. Austin J W 29.6.44
P.O. Austin K H 23.12.44
P.O. Austin L W C 7.3.45
W.O. Baines A P 29.7.44
F.L. Baker H W 8.9.44
F.S. Barnett R F 6.3.45
F.S. Beecroft J 8.9.44
F.L. Bertelsen F C 4.5.44
F.O. Blaydon R W DFM 8.8.44
F.S. Bouch A DFM 15.6.44
F.S. Bower T C 20.7.44
F.O. Bradley G R DFM 29.8.44
F.S. Broad J T 13.8.44
F.L. Brown S W 28.5.44
P.O. Bunting W F DFM 29.7.44
F.O. Burch G J 23.9.44

P.O. Cambell F W 23.12.44
P.S. Cambell R G 8.8.44
W.O. Cantwell R P 15.3.45
S.L. Carter A L DFC 23.12.44
S. Chelu R W 29.6.44
P.O. Clenahan R L DFC 15.6.44
F.S. Clyne G A 4.5.44
S.L. Coleman V 29.7.44
S. Collins H W 23.4.44
S. Coole D A F 29.6.44
F.S. Coon G A 4.5.44
F.S. Cottrell G V 15.6.44
F.S. Craggs D 29.7.44
F.O. Croft L F 29.10.44
P.O. Grosby V B DFM 15.6.44
S. Cudlipp L W 28.5.44
F.O. Dalgarno W 23.12.44
P.O. Daniel W N 8.9.44
W.O. Davis V A DFM 11.9.44
F.L. Dawson E S DFC 29.10.44
S. Denbigh A 6.3.45
S. Dicerbo P 25.7.44
S. Dorrant K M G 16.9.44
S. Eggleston D 6.7.44
S. Evans D C 23.9.44
F.S. Evans E E 12.12.44
F.S. Falloon H R 23.4.44
S.L. Farrington A L 29.8.44
F.L. Feeley A DFC 6.6.44
S. Fishpool R V 16.9.44
P.O. Flynn D DFC 15.6.44
F.L. Flynn J P 25.5.44
F.S. Fretwell A 6.7.44
W.O. Gaughran W 8.8.44
S. Geeves J 6.7.44
F.O. Gisby M 12.12.44
F.L. Goddard J E DFC 8.9.44
S. Goodwin W J 15.3.44
F.O. Gould J C 6.3.45
F.O. Grange A H 6.6.44
S. Gresty J 20.7.44
F.L. Grillage F G 3.12.44
P.O. Harrington A 28.5.44
F.S. Harris H 16.6.44
W.O. Hawker E J 8.8.44
W.O. Hemsworth E W 6.3.45

S.L. Heney H W B DFC 28.5.44
F.L. Hewitt J H DFC 15.6.44
P.O. Hewitt K W DFM 23.12.44
P.O. Hewitt S 4.5.44
F.S. Hibbert K 24.7.44
P.O. Hill F D 23.9.44
F.S. Hobbs V G 23.12.44
F.O. Hodgson K 29.10.44
F.S. Holmes F N 4.6.44
F.O. Hughes P A DFM 12.12.44
F.S. Ingham J R 4.5.44
F.L. Johnson D DFC 6.6.44
P.O. Jones G 25.5.44
F.O. Kinman J 12.12.44
W.O. Kitto H DFM 6.6.44
S. Lamb M G 16.9.44
F.L. Lamb R D 28.5.44
F.O. Lewis J W 15.3.45
F.S. Lewis R C L 29.7.44
F.L. Little S W DFC 25.5.44
F.S. Long-Hartley P 16.6.44
S. Lovegrove R C 4.5.44
S. Lyall G 23.4.44
W.O. Lythgoe G E 8.9.44
P.O. McArthur G R 20.7.44
S. McGinn I P 23.4.44
S. Macnamara N 17.1.45
F.S. Mahoney R C 29.10.44
S. Mansbridge R 4.5.44
S. Mansfield J A A 4.5.44
P.O. Manson D H 6.7.44
F.L. Margach D S DFC 29.7.44
S Mawson H 12.12.44
F.O. Mellor A J 11.11.44
F.L. Milne O S DFC 23.12.44
F.S. Mitchell C J 23.9.44
S. Murray G 15.3.45
F.O. Newton R A 8.9.44
F.L. Nixon G W 16.9.44
P.O. Norris J T W DFM 16.9.44
F.S. Nundy B 23.12.44
P.O. O'Neill C J E 4.6.44
F.S. Oram A W 25.5.44
F.S. Owen G 23.12.44
P.O. Papworth J N DFC 6.6.44
F.S. Parfitt W R C 13.8.44

F.S. Parr S 16.6.44
S. Paterson J 23.12.44
S. Phillips D H 24.7.44
F.S. Plimmer A L DFM 12.12.44
P.O. Pocock R L 29.10.44
F.S. Pratt E W R 20.7.44
P.O. Pullin B A DFC 13.8.44
F.O. Radcliffe E E 24.7.44
S. Ralph G J P 6.3.45
F.O. Ramsay G L 6.6.44
F.S. Rawlinson N A 25.5.44
S.L. Raybould A DSO DFM 6.6.44
P.L. Reif A W 23.12.44
F.O. Rember R A 24.7.44
F.O. Ritchie J L 4.5.44
S Roberts W 29.10.44
S Robson A 16.9.44
F.S. Robson R W 15.3.45
P.O. Ross F R 28.5.44
F.O. Salomaa E A 6.7.44
W.O. Schwerdfeger G A 4.5.44
F.O. Shirley W L 23.9.44
P.O. Silverwood H DFM 29.8.44
S Slattery E K 4.5.44
W.O. Smalley R W 24.7.44
F.S. Smith D L T 15.6.44
W.O. Smith E G DFM 6.7.44
F.S. Smith W DFM 15.6.44
F.O. Squibb W A F 23.4.44
F.O. Stapleton J W 6.7.44
F.S. Stevens D E J 29.8.44
F.O. Stewart G F DFM 29.8.44
F.L. Strout A C 29.8.44
S. Sturgeon J A 23.4.44
Cop. Swales E E VC DFC 13.2.46
F.S. Taylor G D 29.7.44
P.O. Terpenning R P DFC 28.4.45
W.O. Torr G 6.3.45
F.S. Trevis S G 17.12.44
S. Truman W G 25.5.44
P.O. Tutt N J 16.1.44
S. Tweedie J 24.7.44
F.L. Tyndale L V 29.8.44
F.L. Thomas P A DFC 23.12.44
F.O. Underwood W H DFC 15.3.44
F.O. Uzelman P 23.12.44
W.O. Waldron W 29.7.44
P.O. Wallis B F 23.4.44
P.O. Watson J G DFM 28.4.45
F.S. Webb B W 25.5.44
S. Whybrow L G 24.7.44
F.O. Wilkins H 16.9.44
S. Willer G O 15.3.45
F.O. Williams W T 5.7.44
S. Wilson D D 29.10.44
P.O. Wilson H L DFM 15.6.44
F.S. Witty W T 29.10.44
F.S. Wright S J 12.12.44
S.L. Weightman J B DFC 20.7.44


“Roll of honour for Path Finder Force RAF Little Staughton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024,

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