Letter to L V Rosser from Maurice Moon



Letter to L V Rosser from Maurice Moon


Writes just to let him know he is still in circulation and has little news. Writes about his 'staying in camp business' and how fit he feels as a result. Reminisces over past events and mentions his Flying Officer had come through. Says he is trying to get a course at Brize Norton and if so they could meet.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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Warrant Officer L.V. Rosser,
R.A.F. Station,
Chipping Warden,
Nr. Banbury.

[inserted] Maurice Moon [/inserted]

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Sunday Oct. 10

Dear Vic

Just a wee note to say hello again and to say how much I hope that your old foot is really quite O.K. by this time.

I haven't got a great deal of news but I just thought I would write and let you know that I am still in circulation. Yes, I am still in circulation although not to such a great extent.

I have developed this staying in camp business to quite a fine degree and honestly I find it really pleasant and extremely restful.

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The most remarkable thing of all, is that I feel amazingly fit. Just a little over two years ago I should have been sure that I was suffering from some terrible thing if I felt as fit as this.

Do you realise old boy that it is over two years since we disported ourselves amongst the gay throngs in Betty's Bar etc. etc.

I feel bloody ancient.

The old F/O came through a few weeks ago and now I feel settled, for I cannot in the wildest flights of imagination see how anyone could be stupid enough as to offer me an acting F/St. vacancy.

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I am trying to wangle a course at Brize Norton early in November. If I am successful we should be able to arrange a binge in Oxford.

Drop me a line Vic and let's know how the world is treating you.

Cheerio for now. Love to Pam and best wishes to all at 139.

Your old pal

P.S. what do you think of my ugly dial?


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