Newspaper cutting and airmen



Newspaper cutting and airmen


Left -newspaper cutting - Tait dropped the bombs. Includes full face b/w image and gives account of operations flown by Wing Commander James Bryan Tate DSO and 2 bars DFC. Noted that his squadron was formed by Gibson to burst German dams.
Top right  - full length photograph of two airmen wearing lifejackets and parachute harness standing by the main undercarriage of a bomber. Captioned 'Johnny and Joe'.
Middle right - full length photograph of an airman wearing lifejacket and parachute harness standing by the main undercarriage of a bomber. Captioned 'Zero'.
Bottom right - an airman wearing flying helmet sitting in the rear turret of a bomber. Captioned 'Johnny in the rear turret'.



One newspaper cutting and three b/w photo graphs mounted on an album page


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TAIT dropped the bombs

Express Staff Reporter

WING – COMMANDER JAMES BRYAN TAIT, D.S.O. and two bars, D.F.C., who led the attack on the Tirpitz, has been bombing the Germans since the first days of the war.

"He is 28 and has been flying for 10 years," his father, Mr. A. Tait, a mining engineer, of Abercynon, South Wales, said last night.

"When I took him to see the Schneider Trophy race in 1928 he decided to make flying his career.

"He helped to bomb Heligoland in the early days."

Tait was awarded the D.F.C. in 1940, the D.S.O. in 1941, and a bar to the D.S.O. – for his leadership and courage in a daylight raid on Kiel – later the same year.

He won the second bar to his D.S.O. in September this year for leadership, gallantry and untiring devotion to duty.

Tait's squadron was formed by Wing Commander Gibson, V.C., to burst the Moehne and Eder dams and was later commanded by Wing Commander Cheshire, V.C.

It was called a special duties squadron and has carried out many difficult operations.

Johnny and Joe


Johnny in the Rear Turret


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