Letter to Cathy Cordner from Her Uncle, Neil



Letter to Cathy Cordner from Her Uncle, Neil


He thanks her for her letter. Molly, his wife, has just left Shanghai. She is expected to return with Buster, their son. He has sent her a banknote to spend on chocolates.




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[Shanghai Club crest]

P.O. BOX 156.

31/3 ‘32

My dear Cathy,

Ever so many thanks for your nice and welcome letter. I was delighted.

When I decided to answer your letter tonight I found I had only ordinary plain common paper but as your swanky paper called for some equally swanky I have duly trailed all along to the Club – so I hope you feel honoured, there now. By that you will understand that I am not yet living in the Club, there is only a limited number of rooms and as there has been an unusual rush for them by

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poor unhappy (or happy as the case may be) grass-widowers I am for the time being staying at a hotel. However, I expect to move to the Club in a few weeks and I’ll remain there until Aunty Molly returns. Then of course I’ll have to leave because the Club is a sanctuary for we poor hardworking men where nobody would even dare to breathe the word: Woman.

Long ere you get this you will know that Aunty Molly has arrived safely and I hope after a very good trip. It was very sweet of you to think of going down to meet her, what a pleasant surprise it would be, I am quite sure she never anticipated it. I hope it turned out a very nice trip for you and I hope you enjoyed it. But with Arnold about I hardly think there is any

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doubt about that, my young lady.

I am so pleased he got through his exams, and so well, please give him my best congratulations. I wonder if you went down to see Buster school. If you did I think you would like it, wasn’t it a nice place. Poor old man, I am afraid he will be a little sad today leaving the school for good but on the other hand he will also be excited with the prospects of a long holiday with his Mummy. They are bound to have a lovely time together, I wish I could be one of the party too.

Things out here are back to normal once more but I must admit the last couple of months haven’t been very pleasant. I have been all over the battlefields and I have seen enough to last me for a long long [sic] time.

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It is very quiet without Aunty Molly, not so easy to get used to and I must admit I miss her very much, but mind, don’t you tell her that.

Well, my dear Cathy, when you get this letter it will be very near your birthday. I want to wish you a very very [sic] happy day and very many of them. If I had been in Newcastle I should have been there with a box of chocolates and a birthday kiss, I am afraid I’ll have to do without the birthday kiss but there is no reason why you should do without your box of chocolates, but as I cannot very well send one from here will you do your old Uncle a favour and buy yourself one for enclosed little note. Thanks.

A very happy day, Cathy dear, lots of love and a big kiss

from your
Uncle Neil.


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