Fred Weston DFC BSc



Fred Weston DFC BSc


General Information about Fred. It records his date of birth and death with a comprehensive list of his family. Included are details of his funeral.

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Fred Weston DFC BSc

General Information:

Born: 9 June 1916, Runcorn, Cheshire

Married to: Dorothy Barclay (from Northern Ireland – now deceased)

Lived at: 2 Birklands, Beadlam, Nawton, York prior to moving into Lister House, Ripon (a Royal British Legion Poppy Home) on 7 February 2012 where he died.

Family: He had no children. I (Catherine Millington) was his god-daughter (I was his 1st cousin 1 x removed).

He was the eldest of 4 brothers – Glyn (trained the War Correspondents in self-defence and basic survival techniques during WW2, Bill (fought with the Cameronian Mt Div WW2) and Trevor (served with the Merchant Navy WW2) (all now deceased) All 4 brothers survived WW2.

His Mother and father – Ivy and Will Weston.

My mother was very close to Fred and was Fred's cousin (maiden name: Sylvia Riley – now Sylvia White). When she was 3, she and her father, Frank Riley (Ivy's brother) moved in with Ivy, Will and the 4 brothers when my mother's mother (Frances Riley) died aged 36 (see Funeral Speech attached) – my mother was brought up like as a sister to the brothers.

Member of the Air Gunners' Association, Bomber Command Association and Caterpillar Club.

Funeral: Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1.40pm – Short funeral and cremation at the Stonefall Cemetery and Crematorium in Harrogate, for family and close friends

Follow by:
2.45pm – Service for friends and family to celebrate his life at the Chapel at Lister House, Ripon



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