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Weston, Fred
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20 items. The collection concerns Fred Weston DFC (1916 - 2012, 126909 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 101 and 620 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Catherine Millington and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Weston, F

Collection Items

Air Gunner
A biography of Fred. In addition it includes histories of aircraft and squadrons he served in, Details are included of airfields he served at. Additionally there are biographies of various servicemen associated with Fred's squadrons and service.

Fred Weston DFC BSc
General Information about Fred. It records his date of birth and death with a comprehensive list of his family. Included are details of his funeral.

Obituary - Flight Lieutenant Fred Weston DFC
A obituary for Fred describing his life before, during and after his wartime service.

"Fred" by Sylvia White (his cousin)
Fred's life story from early days sneaking downstairs to drink the dregs at his parent's public house, playing rugby and studying hard, becoming an accountant, learning to be an accurate rifle shooter then joining the RAF as a an air gunner. He…

Poem for a Rear Gunner and A Gunner's Vow
Two poems, the first written by Ted Russell, the second unknown.

Page 20/Scanlon/Arnhem/Sept 44
An extract from Fred's autobiography about Scanlon. Both men were flying close together when Scanlon's aircraft was shot down.

Fred Weston
A head and shoulders portrait of Fred wearing his DFC ribbon and air gunner brevet.

Fred Weston's Decorations
Four medals awarded to Fred - DFC, 1939-1945 Star, Aircrew Europe Star and War Medal 1939-1945.
They are captioned with his citation for devotion to duty.

Fred Weston's Dog - Gary
Gary sitting on a mat

Fred Weston and his parents
Fred standing with his parents in their garden. Information supplied with the collection states 'Fred, with Bill and Ivy (parents) Backgarden at Pendeen 1940'.

Fred Weston
A half length portrait of Fred wearing his air gunner brevet.

Four Stirlings in Flight
An air to air photograph of four Stirlings. Handwritten in a corner is 'Approaching Arnhem Sept 20th 1944'.
Information supplied with the collection states that Fred is rear gunner in the lead aircraft.

Fred Weston DFC
A half length portrait of Fred in uniform, holding his dog, Gary.

25 Airmen and a Stirling
25 airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Stirling. Information supplied with the collection states 'Fred Weston 1944 Gunnery Leader 1 (centre front row).

101 Squadron Battle Order 7 September 1941
A battle order for 101 Squadron listing aircraft and crew. Handwritten at the top is 'Ops -Berlin'.

Caterpillar Club Information Sheet
Fred's account of the night he baled out after a mid-air collision.

Fred Weston's Caterpillar Club Card
A membership card awarded to Fred for safely parachuting from his aircraft.

Fred Weston's Identity Card
Fred's identity card when serving in the RAF Volunteer Reserve

Fred Weston Reference
A reference written for Fred by the Professor of Botany at Bangor.

Pilot Officer Frederick Weston (126909) RAFVR
A citation received by Fred for his devotion to duty.
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