For Gallantry - John Goldby DFC



For Gallantry - John Goldby DFC


A newspaper cutting describing John's DFC.




One newspaper cutting


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F/Lt. J.L. Goldby, D.F.C.


Flight-Lieut. John Louis Goldby (139407), R.A.F.V.R., No. 640 Squadron, only son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Goldby, of 18, Hadlow-road, Sidcup, has just been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Born in 1923 at Bexley, he was educated at Chislehurst and Sidcup County School for Boys. He served in the ranks and was commissioned in December, 1942. He is entitled to the 1939-45 Star.

The citation states:-
In September, 1944, whilst engaged on an attack on a synthetic oil plant, the aircraft in which Flight-Lieut. Goldby was flying was severely damaged by heavy anti-aircraft fire. One engine was hit and rendered useless, three petrol tanks were holed and a shell fragment, entering the bomb-aimer's compartment, damaged his equipment. Despite intense physical discomfort and shock, Flight Lieutenant Goldby continued calmly to direct his captain on to the target. This determination and skill resulted in a successful attack. This officer has participated in many operations over enemy territory, and among his targets have been such heavily defended areas as Essen and Duisburg. In his capacity as bombing leader he has been a source of inspiration to his section and has materially contributed to the high standard of efficiency attained.

Last February, after a period of anxiety, his parents received news from the Air Ministry, through the International Red Cross Committee, that he was wounded and a prisoner of war in German hands, after being posted as missing on December 6, 1944. Flight Lieutenant Goldby had a lucky escape, for he was forced to bale out from his burning plane.

He volunteered for service in May, 1941, at the age of 19, and reached the rank of squadron bombing leader, when he received his promotion to Flight Lieutenant.



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