Goldby, John Louis


Goldby, John Louis
J L Goldby


An oral history interview with John Goldby (1922 - 2020, 1387511, 139407 Royal Air Force). He was shot down and became a prisoner of war in December 1944.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by John Goldby and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Goldby, JL

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John Goldby's decorations
Five medals; Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star with Bomber Command Clasp, Air Crew Europe Star, War Medal 1939-45 and Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal awarded to John Goldby.

For Gallantry - John Goldby DFC
A newspaper cutting describing John's DFC.

Telegram to John Goldby from his Mother
A telegram offering John heartiest congratulations.

Letter to John Goldby's Mother from the Air Ministry
The letter advises that a message from John was read out over German radio. He says he is fine.

Telegram to John Goldby's Father
The telegram advises that John is a prisoner of war and wounded.

Notes on prisoner of war life -John Goldby
He complains about food and the shortage of it. He describes exercising and how they spent some of their day. Finally he mentions that he sent three cards but received none.

Halifax W7764 Ditching
Notes taken from a book 'Nobody Unprepared The History of 78 Squadron' by Vernon Holland. John was the bomb aimer on the Halifax.

640 Squadron
The history of 640 Squadron from its formation in January 1944.

Postcards from John Goldby to his parents
Two postcards written by John to his parents. He explains he has been in hospital with a broken ankle.

John Louis Goldby Biography
A biography covering John's training and service in the RAF.

The Last Days in Stalagluft 1 30 April - 13 May 1945
The long drawn out wait for John's return to the UK from the camp.

Interview with John Louis Goldby
John Goldby was born in Kent but the family moved to London the year after. He was inspired to join the RAF when a schoolfriend joined and became a Spitfire pilot. John believes that it was a mid-air collision with a night fighter that led to his…
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