Part of letter from Mervyn Adder



Part of letter from Mervyn Adder


Last two pages, no salutation page. Writes of walking back to camp and arriving too late for supper. Mentions receipt of parcel with cake. Comments on other parcels and photographs as well as an upcoming birthday.





Two page handwritten letter


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Magna, from here we had to walk four miles back to Camp and arrived back feeling very tired and just too late for supper. Instead we had a glass of Guiness in the Mess and a bar of chocolate which did for our supper.

I didn’t finish writing this letter last night and have since received your parcel, Mother and cake, thank a lot I am going to eat it tonight although I guess there wont be too much when I have given the other chaps a taste. I might not be able to pack a parcel to send back for a few days as I shall not have the opportunity of posting it, but will do so as soon as I can get into Lutterworth in time to post it.

I am pleased to hear that the photographs are O.K and you are going to send them on to Mary for me.

It will be Alex’s birthday in just over a week’s time and haven’t the faintest idea what he wants so I guess I’ll have to

[page break]

write to him – I bet he was annoyed at being recalled – wasn’t he!

Well I don’t think there is any more news at the moment so cheerio for now

Love to All.

[underlined] Mervyn [/underlined]



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